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Vanilla En Tobac Eau de Parfum 100ml by LXR

Vanilla En Tobac Eau de Parfum 100ml by LXR

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Vanilla En Tobac is an evocative and luxurious fragrance that combines the richness of tobacco and the sweetness of vanilla. This scent is a captivating journey for the senses, offering a warm and enticing experience.

Top Notes:

  • Spicy and Sweet: The initial impression is a spicy and sweet blend that awakens your senses with a hint of warm spices and the comforting sweetness of vanilla.

Middle Notes:

  • Tobacco and Aromatic Herbs: As the fragrance develops, the heart notes reveal the deep, rich aroma of tobacco. Aromatic herbs add a touch of freshness, creating a complex and inviting scent profile.

Base Notes:

  • Woody, Cacao, and Dried Fruits: The base notes provide a solid foundation with woody elements, a touch of cacao for a hint of indulgence, and dried fruits that offer a subtle sweetness and depth to the fragrance.
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