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Ard Al Zaafran

Samou Al Oud Bakhoor 80g

Samou Al Oud Bakhoor 80g

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Oud Al Samou

A soft scent full of warmth and sweetness, framed by an alluring Floral aroma, permeates the air with an elegant and light fragrance…

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Oud Al Samou Bakhoor by Ard Al Zaafaran

Fill the air with a light and refreshing fragrance.

Top Notes: Floral, Woody

Middle Notes: Warm

Base Notes: Soft, Vanilla

Made in U.A.E

How to use:
Ignite charcoal over a flame until it begins to glow.
Place it into a bakhoor or incense holder
Wait for 2 minutes
Break up the bakhoor and sprinkle it over the hot coal
Fragrance should permeate the air

Safety Notice:
Risk of fire and burns
Keep away from children

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