Royal Sapphire Perfume Edp 100ml

Royal Sapphire Perfume Edp 100ml

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This classic and legendary Royal Sapphire Perfume / Eau de Parfum by Lattafa Pride has lived on through the centuries, its materials harvested from the earth and blended with a timeless combination of aromas. The result is a classic fragrance renowned for its spicy warmth, sweet floral presence and enduring love story.

Our Royal Sapphire perfume is perfect to wear on any occasion. Its unique blend of musk, vanilla and ambergris provides an elegant finish to a fragrance that is one of our best sellers in fragrance. A combination of mandarin, lemon, saffron and jasmine helps make this a floral fruity, fresh scent for women.

 Sichuan Pepper and Turmeric May Rose, Turkish Rose and Bulgarian Rose Patchouli and Tonka Bean.
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