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Privée Couture Collection

Rose Musk Eau De Parfum 30ml

Rose Musk Eau De Parfum 30ml

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Privee Couture Collection Rose Musk Eau de Parfum is especially great for women who love floral fragrances with the sensual aroma of musk.

This fragrance represents the purest notes of roses harmonised with rare musk and underlined with a touch of jasmine. Roses give a passionate note with a refreshing flourish of floral fragrance. Musk adds a comforting animalic essence whilst jasmine brings the two together with just a touch of sweetness. These recreate that warm feeling of freshly washed linen that comforts the senses.

The strong sillage of this fragrance will leave your presence behind in any room.

Roses Jasmine Musk
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