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Ahmed Al Maghribi

Oud Lavender Edp Perfume Spray 75ml

Oud Lavender Edp Perfume Spray 75ml

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Oud Lavender eau de parfum 75ml unisex spray By Ahmed al Maghribi

Let yourself be charmed by the sparkling aromas of Ahmed Al Maghribi Oud Lavender. A special fragrance that will make you appreciate the following essences: Oud, oriental, floral, mukhallat. The house Ahmed Al Maghribi has accomplished the feat of making a quality aroma that is a concentrate of Oud, Lavender.

Composed of premium Oud, Lavender and highly concentrated in Agarwood Oil, Ahmed Al Maghribi Lavender Oud transports you to a world of unique and intense aromas. You just have to sense its exquisite, naturally relaxing scents for a few moments to feel a continuous well-being for a long time. This very luxurious scent has romantic scents that are ideal for a pleasant time with your lover. Aimed at both men and women, Ahmed Al Maghribi Lavender Oud will satisfy everyone. Its irresistible scent will leave everyone who is around you wanting more. Renowned for designing high-end Oriental fragrances, the luxury perfume factory Ahmed Al Maghribi has once again succeeded in its new challenge by providing us with this perfume with both strong and relaxing sensation Indeed, integrated into an elegant and purified bottle with blue and silver colors, Ahmed Al Maghribi Lavender Oud will attract you and make you want to taste it at first glance.

The shape of its crystallized bottle will arouse in you the desire to seize it and to monopolize it. Once acquired, you'll never get tired of it. From the first use, you will feel the need to absorb these desirable and sublime scents. Seductive and attractive, Ahmed Al Maghribi Lavender Oud will increase the power of your presence as well as that of your entourage. Its oriental fragrances will delight everyone, no matter where you are.

FRAGRANCE NOTES: Oud, oriental, floral, mukhallat

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