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Ahmed Al Maghribi

Oud and Roses Eau De Parfum 60ml

Oud and Roses Eau De Parfum 60ml

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Oud and Roses eau de parfum 60ml by Ahmed al Maghribi unisex spray

Fall under the spell of the exhilarating exhaltations of Ahmed Al Maghribi Oud And Roses in Spray. A unique aroma that will invite you to the following fragrances: Floral, oud, woody, amber, mukhallat, oriental. The perfume brand Ahmed Al Maghribi has accomplished the feat of producing a generous fragrance that is combined with Turkey Roses, Indian Rose, Gaiac Wood, Oud, Sandalwood, White Flower, Amber. Ahmed Al Maghribi Oud And Roses makes you want? Ahmed Al Maghribi’s offering doesn’t shy away from attention.

Aside from standing out, it also marks your presence wherever you go. Be a head-turner in an instant, thanks to its floral and fruity fragrance mix that feels refreshing but not too intoxicating. Made from one of the priciest perfume ingredients in the world, its head note alone charms even the most sensitive and softens the toughest. However, the abundant rose note that comes after is what keeps both the attention and admiration. Whether for a cocktail party or for a romantic dinner with your significant other, the perfume got you covered. From the time you step out of your room to the time you step out of the hall, your few hours of socialising are made more memorable and more enjoyable with the refined scent.

Wear it for a date and appear as sweet and sultry without trying so hard. Unlike other perfumes out there, Oud and Roses doesn’t steal the spotlight from you. Rather, it complements who you really are. Its vibrant yet gentle mix of oud and rose notes is symbolic of your multifaceted personality. You can be strong yet sweet, sexy yet pure, and hopeful yet realist and the fragrance will suit you not just fine, but perfectly.

Floral, Turkish rose, lavender, Lemon Peony Sandalwood, White flower, Frankincense Agarwood, guaiac wood, Oak Moss, Musk, Amber
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