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Ard Al Zaafran

Oud Al Shuyukh Edp 100ml

Oud Al Shuyukh Edp 100ml

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A Gorgeous Exclusive perfume in an elegant 

bottle with a lingering scent!


OUD AL SHUYUKH by Ard Al Zafraan/Suroori


Oud al Shuyukh Eau de perfume is a unisex fragrance designed to satisfy most cravings. An exclusive that you will hardly find! Oud al Shuyukh Eau de perfume has oudh as its top note and this element carries through the fragrance but ends with a sweetness that you can almost taste. A very clean and crisp fragrance Oud al Shuyukh carries a mix of essences to satisfy both sexes. It is a mixture of traditional Arabic perfume, a fragrance that is long-lasting, a single spray will leave its scent on the clothes for several days. A rich blend of Agarwood.

Fragrance Notes: Agarwood Oud, Cedar, Lavender, Sage Rosemary, Patchouli, Vetiver. 

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