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Ard Al Zaafran

Daar Al Haneen Eau De Parfum 100ml

Daar Al Haneen Eau De Parfum 100ml

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Daar Al Haneen is a fragrance full of charm and radiance. Ard Al Zaafaran perfume house lifts the veil on Daar Al Haneen and unveils the art of oriental perfumery. Lace and its unmistakable seductive soul can be found where you don't necessarily expect it. A weapon of seduction, it values both the sense of detail and the one who holds the bottle in her hand. Eau de Parfum reveals floral, fruity and amber notes. An attractively designed bottle holds the captivating juice. Daar Al Haneen makes a woman as radiant and precious as the perfume she wears. There is a fragrance of emotion floating in the air." - a note from the brand.

Rose, jasmine, ylang-ylang  Patchouli, ginger, amber Key  Sandalwood, musk, oud, saffron
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