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Cherry Fume Eau De Parfum 100ml By LXR

Cherry Fume Eau De Parfum 100ml By LXR

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Sour Cherry Leather Smoke
Olives Woody Notes

Chinese Osmanthus
Cypriol Oil 

Apricot Nagarmotha


Cherry Fume by LXR is a unique and alluring perfume that harmoniously blends the sweet, fruity notes of cherry with a hint of smoky wood, rich leather, and the delicately floral.

 Top Notes:

  • Cherry and Fruity: At first, Cherrywood Noir bursts with the sweet, fruity scent of cherries, creating an instant mood lift.

Middle Notes:

  • Woody, Smoky, and Leather: The heart of the fragrance brings smoky woods and rich leather, like a stroll through a smoky forest wearing a well-loved leather jacket.

Base Notes:

  • Sweet, Nutty, Almond, Animalic, and Floral: The base notes add warmth, with hints of sweetness, a touch of nuttiness, a subtle almond depth, and a hint of mystery from animalic notes, all tied together with delicate florals.
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