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Ahmed Al Maghribi

Bidun Esam Edp Perfume Spray 50ml

Bidun Esam Edp Perfume Spray 50ml

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BIDUN ESAM is a gorgeous unisex fragrance that leans feminine in the opening and becomes more unisex in the base.  It lures you in to its warm embrace with spicy florals consisting of a leathery note, indicative of saffron, and a sensual rose that is soft and powdery.  The candied breath of sugar is reminiscent of soft marshmallows or perhaps cotton candy, making this fragrance both addictive and alluring.

Soft white florals surround you in a cloud of luxury and sophistication.  The scent is sumptuous and rich, with a delicate balance of sweetness and creaminess.  As these notes delicately warm on your skin, they begin to intertwine with the deeper more intense base notes.

The anticipated dry down does not disappoint, with the heady note of Cambodian oud in the base.  The oud appears quietly in the opening of the fragrance, and continues to shine making it the star of the show.  The notes are rich and full bodied allowing the wearer to enjoy the woody aroma without it being too overpowering.  The amber and musk create a raw sweetness reminiscent of vanilla, making this fragrance a pleasure to wear.

Saffron and rose White flowers Cambodian oud, musk and amber

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