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Better Peach Eau De Parfum 100ml By LXR - Amari Luxe

Better Peach Eau De Parfum 100ml By LXR - Amari Luxe

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Peche de Vigne Rum  Indonesian Patchouli Leaf
Sicilian Blood Orange Cognac Sandalwood
Peach Davana Vanilla

Jasmine  Tonka Bean


Better Peach opens with a burst of juicy and slightly tart peach. The peach note in this fragrance is not overly sweet, instead, it has a touch of bitterness that adds depth and complexity. It's reminiscent of a ripe, tangy peach.
As the scent settles, you may smell floral and spicy notes, particularly the delicate aroma of jasmine and a hint of cardamom. These elements add a layer of sophistication and a touch of warmth to the fragrance.

The base notes of Better Peach feature a rich, velvety blend of vanilla and benzoin. These elements provide a smooth, creamy, and slightly sweet undertone that lingers on the skin, adding a sensual quality to the fragrance.

Better Peach is a complex and intriguing fragrance. It takes the sweetness of ripe peaches and balances it with a hint of bitterness and warmth, creating a scent that is both seductive and unique. It's a fragrance that evolves over time, making it a captivating and long-lasting option for those who appreciate complex, unisex scents.

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