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Ard Al Zaafran

Bakhoor Dirham Silver 80g by Ard al Zafaraan

Bakhoor Dirham Silver 80g by Ard al Zafaraan

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How to use:

1. Ignite charcoal over a flame until it begins to glow.

2. Place it into a bakhoor or incense holder
3. Wait for 2 minutes
4. Break up the bakhoor and sprinkle it over the hot coal
5. ragrance should permeate the air

Emon, Bergamot,

Lavender, Cardamom,

Jasmine, Rose

Vetiver and Cedar.
Bakhoor Dirham by ARD AL ZAAFARAN (U.A.E.) is a premium quality oriental incense. 
An amazing smelling popular bakhoor which will suit for every home, office or shop.
It comes in a fancy, stylized decorative gift Jar and very appealing beautiful presentation box. 

Oriental family fragrance.


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