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Aura Edp 80ml Perfume Spray

Aura Edp 80ml Perfume Spray

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Aura by Lttafa Aura is a delicate and sensual female floral fragrance. The aroma easily fits into any female image, making it softer, more refined and romantic. In the upper chord of the Aura perfume, the tart freshness of white flowers is combined with delicate powder notes, gently flowing into the heart of the composition, woven from velvety-honey, with light fruit shades, the aroma of Turkish rose, spicy saffron and velvety cinnamon. Having resounded, the bright floral-spicy heart slowly dissolves into space, leaving behind woody-cream shades of sandalwood and refined sweetness of vanilla, a long aromatic echo recalling the sound of a wonderful perfume.

White flowers, Powdery notes. Cinnamon, Saffron, Honey, Turkish rose, Fruity Notes. Vanilla, Sandalwood, Woody Notes.
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