Shaheen Silver 100ml by Lattafa.


So what can you expect from this fragrance? The answer is quite simple, the feeling of royalty. Shaheen derives from Persian, signifying "Royal White Falcon." This fragrance can be categorized as a combination of everything you'll want in one bottle. Its citrusy, spicy and woody, all at once! 


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What is the correct way to try a fragrance?

Apply a few drops or the lightest spray to your wrist or the back of your hand. Don’t just sniff a flacon because perfume comes to life only on your skin. Wait a few moments. Give the fragrance time to bloom on your skin, to let the notes ‘talk’ to you.

How should I test a fragrance if I don’t want to try it on my skin?

Test on blotting paper or a tissue. It’s not as good as testing on your skin but it is the next best thing.

How many fragrances can I try at once?

No more than three on your skin. Any more and your nose is likely to become confused. Apply the first fragrance to one wrist and wait a few minutes. Apply the second to the other wrist and a third fragrance to the inside of the elbow.

Better still, try the fragrances first on a blotter,take them home and then decide which one or two you want to try on your skin.